Bluepha Lab was incubated by XIN centre, Tsinghua University as an innovative educational programme. Founded by a group of high-profile researchers from the most renowned institute including Oxford, Tsinghua, Peking university, Bluepha Lab is an educational institute focusing on STEAM education of K12 level. Supported by affluent resources from universities, our goal is to transform and reshape k12 education, particularly life science education of 21st century China, and to train up future scientists. Unlike the traditional way of school education, which predominately focused on imposing knowledge to the students, we emphasize interaction with them, PBL (problem based learning) studies, and the actual performing and operating by the students themselves.

Bluepha Lab provides with a broad spectrum of integrated solutions to public school as well as private and international schools demanding high quality science education. Our services include bespoke courses, summer camps, comprehensive instruction for iGEM competition* (see details below), as well as designing and constructing future creative science labs. Our clients including High school attached to Renmin University, High school attached to Peking university and High school attached to Southern China normal university, most of which are top tier schools in China.

*iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) is the largest competition in life science area. Founded by MIT in 2004, the competition becomes world-renowned now, as over 370 teams from allover the world taking part.

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