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Lynkros Centerless Platform Project

Lynkros is a leading start-up at Tsinghua University led by Jiang Yi and Dr. Jiang Ziyan, that develops hardware and software related to IOT (Internet of Things). The hardware series for Smart Buildings developed by Lynkros is disrupting the traditional building automation industry with the concept of “no-center”, breaking the current barriers and making the innovation of the all industry possible . Under the guidance of Eran , a business mentor at the Xin Center, Lynkros has grown into a mature company with a clear business model.

CPN (hardware) and TOS (operating system) of the centerless platform developed by Lynkros have gone into the mass production and application stage. Thus far, Lynkros has successfully completed the centerless chilling station control project of Gree Electric Appliance INC. of Zhuhai and formed an intended cooperation agreement with GREE on the R&D of smart equipment and chilling stations based on a centerless platform. Lynkros’s centerless control system succeeded in Asia’s largest single energy storage refrigeration station and the company developed an indoor navigation system based on a centerless platform. The first demo building entirely equipped with centerless platform technology will soon be completed. Lynkros owns all of the IP for this new technology. More than 10 patents are pending, 3 patents have been granted, more than 20 new applications are on their way and 4 PCT applications with be submitted this year.

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