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Bio-KANGTAI Molecular Heparin Project

Thrombosis and embolism is the direct cause of death, and is also the key factor for cardiovascular events. The Micro-Thrombelastography (TEG) System R&D independently by Bio-Cell group, which adopts microfluidic technology and chip testing method, could greatly reduce the dosage of blood and reagent, and obviously improve detection flux when comparing with the existing testing equipment. At the same time, Bio-Cell has developed a systematic blood coagulation reagent/kit product, which could form a complete quickly, trace blood coagulation test system with the specific testing equipment. Bio-Cell has declared and approved "the Beijing municipal science and technology star plan", "technology innovation fund for small and mid-sized enterprise", "sea sail enterprises" and “Suzhou industry park leading talents” project funding, and also got the honor of "Chinese food industry production, innovation and development of outstanding scientific research achievement award", "outstanding contribution prize in Chinese food industry production, innovation and development enterprise”.

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